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In this article I’m hoping to answer the question that some people are not too sure about, is car modification for me? There are many different types of modifications you can do to your car including alloy wheels, interior mods, body kits, tinted windows, and loads more. In my personal opinion I think you can make your car suit your own personal style with just a few tasteful mods and small tweaks here and there, you don’t need to go and get huge spoilers and massive body kits to get noticed although some people do like this kind of styling I just don’t think its necessary. The first thing I would do when setting out to mod a car would be to see what sort of products and goodies are out there for your car and then because you have seen what is available you can put together a picture in your head of what you would like your car to end up looking like. Some other important things to think about when picking modifications is what you will be using the vehicle for or the amount of use that vehicle gets.For example if you have a car that needs to be used for every day driving to and from work over various road conditions sometimes with heavy loads you wouldn’t want to lower the car too much as the extra weight would affect how the car handles as well as the ride being compromised all these things need to be thought about before you do anything to your car because what might seem like a good idea one minute will bite you in the arse a few months down the line. Outrageous modification might also cause problems when it comes to selling the vehicle just think when you’re trying to sell something you want the biggest market possible and I know for a fact that not everyone like rides slammed to the ground on 20″ rims. So if possible make the mods subtle or even keep the old parts you replace and simply swap them back when you’re ready to sell.The only way to tell if car modification is for you is to try it out maybe you have just got your first car and you want to change it up a bit or maybe you have just got a car you have been longing after for some time and want to switch it up a bit, my advice would be to start small. Alloys wheels really change the look of the car giving it a much more aggressive look and feel they will also help you stay stuck to the road with a wider contact area for your rubber. If you look around you can find some good deals out there so it won’t cripple your bank account. Once you have the wheels on your ride you might decide that is it, it looks the dogs or you might think ‘oh its not quite what I was looking for maybe I’ll just……’, what I’m trying to say is don’t rush into it you could get in above your head and not only could you lose a substantial amount money but you could also ruin your car which could result in all sorts of problems.If you’re looking at a particular car to be your first car modification experience you should log on to some forums, there are loads out there ranging from small tuning mods to full on totally modified custom rides. There is something out there for everyone and you’ll normally find a lot of people on these forums that will be willing to help you, give you great tips and tricks and really help you get your head around what you want to achieve. I remember when I got my first car (escort MK4) I wanted to ‘kit it up a bit’ but I really wish I had someone or even better a group of people to talk it over with, it just make things a little easier and things will normally run a little smoother if you take your time. If you are reading this then I’m almost 100% sure there is some sort of car modification that will interest you in some way or another so go forth and modify. I hope this has helped you understand why and what car modification is about after all there are many ways to mod a car were not all just boy racers but still want to show the world what we are about through our cars.

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If you are a car enthusiast, most of the time, you wish your car can do much more than it already could. With modifications and improvements in mind, you often would like to see what you can do to improve your ride’s performance. Of course, having the installations fit your budget is very important because, otherwise, it would not be a very wise move anymore.The thing is, there are lots of car modification accessories out in the market today that will not cost us a lot of money to be able to install. If you want to go for really high quality ones and not have them have a dent on your budget, then you can buy them one at a time. The disadvantage of doing this, though, is that it can make the older modifications not function well enough to adjust to the newer ones. So, if you are planning to modify your ride according to what will suit you best, you need to make sure that you have the budget to do it. Either way, though, you need to make sure that you are going to do it your own way.Some of the best automobile modification accessories that you can find in the market today that will give your ride the practical boost that you are craving for are coilovers. A coilover, or a coilover suspension, helps your ride become easier to handle. They are especially useful for car racing events, especially when you encounter bends and curves. Most of the time, if you do not considerably slow down when you encounter bends, your ride will turn turtle. Coilovers, since they allow you to be able to handle your ride more efficiently, will be able to help you navigate through them without worrying too much of having accidents. They are nifty modifications that are well worth it.Some other car modification accessories that are pretty useful are exhaust headers, luggage racks, cold air intake systems, and the like. They will also be able to enhance the overall look if your ride, making it look sleeker than other cars. Coilovers will definitely be able to do so.Whatever type of car modification accessory you are planning to invest in, make sure that you know exactly what they can do for you to avoid wasting your money. Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to plan for the “dress up” event that you are planning for your ride. Being able to transport yourself from one place to another is one thing; being able to do it in style is so much better. A coilover suspension will definitely be able to let you do that.

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When it comes to modifying you car to make it a performance auto, there is no better place to look for than Buddy Club. It is one place that houses all the equipment, part and electronics you need to make you a performance auto. At this club you will find top quality parts from renowned manufacturers. You can also seek professional advice on to level of modification you want to achieve for your car. You can find custom wheels, performance suspension parts, exhausts, mufflers, engine modifications, interior and exterior modifications. This club is a one stop solution to all your needs and desires. Top quality products and expert advice makes this club stand out from its competition. At this club we believe that they can turn you car in to a dream machine.Walk in to this club or access it online, you can view their latest full colour brochures and get your hands on latest performances upgrades available in market. Buddy Club not only offers quality they also offer competitive rates, so you don’t have to visit any other place for price comparisons. At this club you can choose from performance upgrade packages too, these packages are a bit cheaper than those individual upgrades. If you own a Japanese born racing machine you are at the right place. This club provides the Spec 1 Single flap type racing wing. You can adjust this wing depending upon your racing needs. Buddy Club also provides you with instruction manual to change wing’s settings at home without professional assistance.Looking to reduce the drag factor of your car and achieve high aerodynamics, Buddy Club has a solution for you. You can get your hands on racing spec areo body kit by this club. This kit significantly reduces drag by increasing aerodynamics.Buddy Club also provides interior upgrades. This club is rated among one of the top manufacturers of carbon fibre racing bucket seats. You can install these light weight seats in your car and enjoy your racing sessions. This club has put a lot of research in making these racing seats of top quality and on high safety standards. You can easily install these seats by following the instruction manual provided by this club. It also gives you freedom of colours to choose from. Whether you opt for a black or red pair, you are looking at one of the best racing seats available in the whole market.

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The idea of a water fuel car has certainly taken off over the past 6 months. This article will shed some light on how it is possible to create a water fueled car, and what qualities to look for in a product before you consider investing – there are most certainly some scams out there to be wary of.Water4gas was the first water fuel car system on the scene – about 8 months ago. Since then there have been masses of copycat products showing up online, claiming to be able to achieve the same thing – to be able to run your car on water.For those that may not know most of these products are essentially blueprints which show you how to assemble the system from parts in your local hardware store. The better products will be able to connect you with dealers who will assemble the system for you if you are not confident in doing soEssentially you take a small (quart size) container and fill it with a mix of distilled water and bicarb soda. This container receives 12V power from the battery which creates HHO gas. This gas is then directed into the cars carburettor or manifold to assist in combustion. HHO gas is 3 times more potent than gasoline so MPG is increased while using less gasoline.There are definitely some minor risks involved in connecting a water fuel car modification. Namely the system will work best with older model cars – over 5 years. Newer cars have stricter engine designs and warranty conditions. Again, the leading water fuel car systems will provide users with instructions on how to protect their warranties.ConclusionAt the end of the day if you chose to invest in a water fuel car modification, make sure it is a quality product. Seek testimonials and demonstrations of the system working in action. I got burned by a scam system, and it is simply not worth it.

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HHO gas based car system’s are the latest breakthrough in terms of an environmentally friendly car modification which allows users to increase their mileage, save money on gasoline costs and drastically reduce car emissions. Such system’s rely on HHO gas to assist combustion. These systems are surely going to revolutionise the way we look at fuel consumption and economy of cars.We live in a fast paced world where rising gasoline prices are a major issue for consumers worldwide. The majority of US, Canadian, British and Australian citizens are heavily reliant on their car’s and hence gasoline prices. Imagine becoming immune to rising gasoline prices and laughing in the faces of oil companies worldwide? Such HHO based technology can save the average US driver in excess of $1000 dollars a year in gasoline prices.Using an HHO gas based car modification can increase mileage between 30% – 50%. The efficiency of your car’s engine will be dramatically increased, which will make amazing increases of your mileage. Further to this your engine will run smoother and quieter. Not only will such technology increase mileage, but it will also improve performance and power of your car, and assist to prolong engine life.How It WorksNow we are going to demonstrate how a HHO based gas system works. The technology does not interfere or damage your car’s engine or computer system. Essentially you place a quart size container filled with distilled water and small amount of baking soda under the hood of your car. The system is powered by electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, creates a vacuum and produces HHO Gas. This gas is then pushed into the engines manifold or carburettor.ConclusionUsing a water car system is not certainly part of the solution to rising gasoline prices. 100% water car’s are something for the future, but currently a long way off being released to the public. Sure you can buy a hybrid car if you have the money, but it is not a viable option for your average Joe. Imagine being able to save money today, increase your car’s mileage and help save our environment with the one basic system.

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By the end of the year a reporter from a popular auto insurance company claimed that auto policy rates are likely to increase by up to 30%. Fraudulent claims are increasing compared to the real auto insurance claims. This has affected the insurance companies leaving them with no option but to increase their insurance premium. If you are considering modifying your car, be ready to settle any high premium rate.Your premium can increase by up to 10% if you choose to modify your car with either of these alloy wheels, spoilers, tinted window or adjusted engines.Thinking of modifying your car will not only make it unique but it will become a target to theft or burglars. As you think of car modification it is important you think of the consequences. Your Premium is likely to increase because your insurer will see your car as a big risk.It is amazing to know that 70% of auto modifications are done by women. The young drivers are advised to be careful on how they modify their cars because it will have a negative effect on their account. This is usually seen in individuals with low financial status.However, there are insurers who offers reduced rate for car modification. You can get connected to these insurers using the internet.Change the look of your car but endeavor to insure it. You will have no course to regret provided it is having an effective coverage from a trusted insurance provider.Where to Get the Best Car Insurance Quotes for Your Modified Car?

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If you have an urge to stop faster in your tuner car, then upgrading to a big brake kit can be the most effective option for your car. Big Brake kits of reputed companies like Brembo, Rotora, Statis, AP Racing are all designed to decrease the stopping distance. This is done effectively by these big brake kits by increasing rotor size and piston bore.Stock Brake systems are ideal for single 60 to 80 stop as well as for mundane daily driving. Quality Big Brake kits increases the heating capacity which in turn increases the resistance to brake fade and calliper distortion. A Big Brake Kit also proves to be a good decision for your car as it gives a better grip over components and better modulation.Most of the quality Big Brake kits like Rotora and Brembo are complete in them selves and can installed instantly without any hassles. These kits have a two to twelve piston calliper which are of specific size which mainly aims to balance the vehicle and ABS compatibility. They also include 2 piece rotors of good quality and have anti-rattle hardware as well. Caliper mounting Brackets and stainless steel brake lines are also part of this kit. These are engineered to perfection and give perfect routing for each application.Big Brake kits also discount the need of different master cylinders and bias adjustments. Most manufacturers of these kits take the caution to design the callipers with correct piston diameters for each application. They are also engineered to work in perfect unison with ABS and traction control systems. Anyone who is interested in upgrading the Big Brake kits should be aware of the fact that non-perfectly engineered upgrades can result in further confusion for the ABS system.The manual of the kits also include detailed instructions the user through the various modifications, that is, if the modifications are essential. Majority of the installations are direct bolt-ons. The pads and rotor- break in procedures also form an integral part of the kits as the absence of these can cause potential damage to the rotors and the brake performance. Proper interaction of pads with rotors result in increased efficiency of brake performance. It is always advised to follow the break-in procedure instruction for all brakes, pads and rotors.Anyone who has the ground knowledge and idea of changing the brake pads, rotors, and bleeding ones brakes, can install the Big Brake kit without any help. The detailed instructions in the procedure manual make the installation further easier for the user. If one faces any issues while installation, it is best to contact the customer service agent of the company, who are more than willing to help one with the installation. If you have successfully installed the Big Brake kit your self, always make sure you have checked the brake complexity in the end. Also, be cautious enough to double check every thing before taking the much desired test drive.

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As a truck driver gets out of the sleeper compartment of the truck and walks out, perhaps to flex his or her muscles or grab a cold shower and a cup of coffee thereafter, such an individual seemingly looks to be enjoying the job. Sure, the 18-wheeler, sturdy looking vehicles of today attribute their fame and vigor to their comparatively larger engines and their design that conquers every terrain. Sometimes, though, it pays to look back at the trodden path through which this profession has followed.But first, what is a Semi-Trailer?Quite certainly, there are a lot that we aren’t privy to about concerning 18-wheelers, including the fact that they are “Semi-Trailers.” Turns out, the brain behind the whole idea, one Alexander Winton of Cleveland, Ohio, came up with the first of these designs. His semi-trailer vehicles featured a freight trailer attached and supported at the forward end by a 5th wheel of the tractor.And, the current ones, tractor-trailer rigs or 18 wheelers are somewhat different from the 1890s ones. Yeah, the unique crop of vehicles are indeed monstrosity when they criss-cross our country roads, but they are an ultimate necessity. Some can even haul up to a whopping 800,000 pounds. More than 70% of all goods in the US alone arrive at their final destinations, courtesy of these handy vehicles.History at a glance:1898: Alexander Winton creates the first semi-trucks1899: Winton embarks on commercially producing the trucks1916: Mack joins the fray with its rear axle truck1920: The first “Trucking Boom.”1939: Peterbilt sells the first semi-trucks1953: Freightliner comes up with the first overhead sleeper1986: The Peterbilt 379 becomes the best-selling truckAlexander Winton: How he invented the first tractor-trailer designed to haul cars.The idea of shipping goods through the road was born way back in the 1890s when one automotive manufacturer discovered the need for a convenient vehicle to haul products. Alexander Winton of The Winton Motor Carriage Company of Cleveland created an 18-wheeler truck while going about his business of selling cars. The Scottish man was experiencing tremendous growth in his automobiles business and needed to be “suave” and better than his competitors.You see, Winton would experience endless difficulties delivering cars to his vast number of buyers spread across the USA. He would dread having to literally drive the brand new car right into the customer’s garage and risk damaging it. The same notion of driving to someone a thousand mile away would practically cost much, perhaps more than shipping it.As a result, the problem of delivering cars facilitated the introduction of the trucking concept using 18-wheelers. All that was needed was a tractor and the truck, although one striking demerit of the whole thing was that the semi-trailer could only transport a single vehicle at a time.But, the invention or the ‘automobile hauler” not only paved the way for massive sales, but also ushered in a new era in shipping cars. In 1899, the renowned car manufacturer finally released the first semi-truck. Before that, notably in 1898, he had managed to sell as many as 22 manufactured cars and a further 100 automobiles in 1899.As aforementioned, the first semi-trailer included the skeleton of a customized tractor, but with a cart secured to the rear. It meant that, unlike the common idea at that time – engines built on the front, the engine was at the rear.And, while the early versions proved useful, they were extremely labor intensive, yet could only carry a single car. Nonetheless, their growth in demand created a whirlwind of modifications meant to enhance their usefulness and productivity. The phenomenon resulted in Alexander Winton’s competitor automotive manufacturing firms relentlessly trying to usurp him in the business.The Expansion:With him focusing on creating better-performing engines, his interest in bettering the design of his first semi-trucks would continue to wane. Credit goes to such names as August Charles Fruehauf of Detroit who helped ease the process of shipping boats. But it is John C. Endebrock (1918) who was so experienced in building horse carriages that he decided to use the same knowledge and inspire the creation of the “trailmobile.”The 1918’s design would allow easy and single-operator hooking of the trailer to the vehicle. It was an improvement from the early one that needed at least three men to hook it up to the car’s chassis, and thus an instant hit. To date, Trailmobile still exists as a great brand.There was yet another modification in the 1920s, thanks to George Cassens. He was a smart car salesperson who would often deliver cars to buyers. He, therefore, created a semi-trailer that could carry up to four, and his haulage capacity increased. Much of the inspiration to create it emanated from the high and prohibitive shipping costs.Just when you thought the new semi-trailer would steal the show, Mack Trucks arrived. Between 1929 and 1944, the firm would grow in popularity thanks to their automatic starting truck engines. Mac was a sudden trendsetter in the industry, most notably because all their trucks were durable. Over 2,601 semi or full trailers at such period was no mean feat.In a period spanning more than a century, Winton’s two wheel semi-trailer has evolved into an eighteen wheeler semi-truck with three axles. And, given that the use of semi-trailer trucks serve as a backbone of the commercial trucking sector, the over 70% of all commodities hauled using vehicles in the US today is no surprise.

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RealtyTrac, which manages a database of home foreclosures, estimates that more than 1 million homes will go into foreclosure in 2010. In an attempt to help financially distressed homeowners, the federal government has enacted the FHA Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Yet, many homeowners are unsure if this federally funded program will help them keep their homes.FHA-HAMP is only available to homeowners who already have an FHA-insured mortgage. Borrowers do not need to have equity in their home. Additionally, only mortgages that are at least 12 months old may qualify for the loan modification program and homeowners must have paid at least four mortgage payments. However, mortgages do have to be at least 30 days delinquent. It’s estimated that 14 percent of FHA-insured loans are 30 days or more past due.In addition to the age and type of mortgage, there are requirements regarding mortgage payment amounts and the family’s debt ratio. To be eligible for FHA-HAMP, mortgagees must have mortgage payments that are at 31 percent of their gross income. Mortgage payment includes taxes, insurance, and homeowners fees. Gross income is calculated before taxes and other deductions. Second mortgages are not included in this amount.There are limits as to how much other debt an eligible family may have. This debt, called, back-end debt, may not exceed 55 percent of the monthly gross income. Credit cards, second mortgages, and car loan and leases are included in the calculation of back-end debt, as well as other installment or revolving accounts.Homeowners apply for FHA-HAMP through their lenders. At this point, they will be asked to provide proof of income, as well as a hardship letter explaining pertinent circumstances of their financial situation. The lender will pull a credit report. However, this report is not obtain a credit rating for qualification purposes; it is used to verify revolving accounts. Borrowers will need to assemble a list of monthly expenses and supporting documentation.If applicants qualify for FHA-HAMP, the lender will permanently modify the mortgage. The goal of the loan modification is to bring the borrower’s monthly mortgage payment down to less than 31 percent of the gross monthly income. The lender will do this by creating a partial claim on the property, whereby a portion of the principal will be placed in an interest-free mortgage. This secondary mortgage will not be due until the home is sold or the FHA-HAMP matures. This interest-free mortgage will be payable as a balloon payment, which means that the owner will have to either sell the home or refinance the amount owed.The FHA – Home Affordable Loan Modification Program is designed to give assistance to those who are hardest hit by the recession: average homeowners. Those who qualify can use the FHA-HAMP to avoid being counted among the million homeowners who will face foreclosure in 2010.

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Many people don’t know that today’s technology is at the reach of our fingertips, with gas prices on the rise it would be a smart idea to look at all the options we have in order to beat the demand and get ahead with our lives. The “in” solution at this time is to convert your existing car to a hybrid car with a few reversible modifications. 5 benefits on converting your car to burn on water are as follows:No. 1 – Reduce Gas EmissionThis means that your car will emit less carbon monoxide to the atmosphere as well as other harmful gasses such as hydro carbon and nitrogen oxides.Before these gasses reach the atmosphere they are accumulated ground level causing many pulmonary deseases and breathing difficulties.No. 2 – Improve Your Gas Mileage by at Least 40%By converting your car to a hybrid your will notice an increase of 40 % on gas efficiency. Everybody knows by know that gas prices are rocketing higher and higher everyday.Converting your car to a hybrid car will help you see a change on how many times you go to the gas station, this task will be reduced to a minimum compared to what you are used to now.How many miles your car runs on a single gas tank. It has been proven that by converting your car to burn water will double your gas mileage and increase your savings on gasoline.No. 3 – Keep Your Warranty ProtectionIf you have a warranty on your car it won’t be damaged or void by converting your car to burn water. Converting your car to burn water is so simple that you can plug it in and plug it out when ever you need. It is totally reversible. As a matter of fact by getting the guide on Converting Your Car to Burn Water you will learn all the details on building your own tools with stuff you already have laying around at home.No. 4 – No Hard Modification NeededYou will not need to modify anything that’s already in your car. The engine stays the same. The only removable modification you will need to do is to connect a few things together and plug it into your car’s engine.When ever you need or want to get rid of the hydrogen kit you connected, you will be able to do so by just unplugging it from your car with no difficult maneuvers.No. 5 – Cost and MaintenanceWe already talked about the costs, it will cost your less than a visit to the doctor to cure a flu. With 200 you will be able to get all the tools necessary and the step-by-step guide that will take and educate you on every detail in order to get the job done with no mayor issues. Plus you get technical support.The maintenance will be taken to the minimum for the system. With a little bottle of water connected correctly to your car, it will run for hundreds of miles that you will not need to be stuck under your car’s hood for long time.No. 6 – Boost Your Car’s PowerIf you thought your car didn’t get to the fast lane anymore you should try this. By converting your car to burn water you will find that your car will get rid of the anoying shaking, will reduce noise, and will run smoother than any other gas running car. You will also notice an increase on the engine’s power, this is generated by the hydrogen running through your car’s engine.Hydrogen will be in charge of cleaning your engine and keep it that way. When hydrogen is combined with gas, like in this case, it increases the engine’s power and make your car run faster and efficiently.